How do I add my number?

Please visit our webpage on the link below, and fill in the form.
If valid, we will approve the update within 48 hours.
If any problems, please contact support on email support@ciamedia.com.

How do I update my name?

Please visit our webpage on the link below, and fill in the form.
If valid, we will approve the update within 48 hours.
If any problems, please contact support on email support@ciamedia.com.

How did my number get into the Kim Ariyor database?

CIA identifies numbers available in public databases or profiles created by other CIA users.

How can I delist my number from Kim Ariyor’s database?

You can easily delist your number by following this link: https://kimariyorapp.com/self-service/delist-number/

How do I unblock a phone number?

Android phones: Go to the top left menu > Call Blocker > go to ‘Blocked numbers’ and remove number from list.
If this does not work, you can always just go and delete the entry in your contact list. There are two contacts created in your phonebook called ‘KIM Blocked Caller’ and ‘SPAM Caller’ these two contacts hold the numbers you once put in the Block or Spam list within the app.

How do I restore contacts?

Go to the top left menu > Go to Backup Contacts > Restore. Now your contact list will be restored to your phone.

How do I delete my profile?

To delete your profile, open the app, go to the top right menu > Select ‘My Profile’ (Make sure you have logged in) > choose ‘Edit Profile’ > Scroll down to button and tap ‘Delete account’.

How do I avoid ads?

You can go banner-free by opening the app > go to the top right menu > ‘Banner Free’ > Follow the guide to make a payment.

Why don’t I find certain phone numbers?

Even though our app identifies many numbers, it will only identify numbers available i public databases or profiles created by other Kim Ariyor users. Therefore it won’t identify private/blocked numbers.

Why does real time Caller ID not work on iPhone?

Unfortunately, Apple’s iOS does not permit an app to interact or react on phone calls. Therefore, it is not possible for the real time caller id to work properly on iPhone. However, you can still use the other functions in our app to discover who a phone number belongs to.

Why does Kim Ariyor need certain permissions?

Kim Ariyor NEVER uploads your contact list to make it searchable or public. In order to provide you with the best possible experience Kim Ariyor needs access to certain elements. The required permissions are:
In-app purchases: Needed if you wish to go banner-free.
Find accounts on the device: Needed to enable cloud services without the need to be logged in to a Google Account.
Read your contacts: Used to detect if you already know the person or if we should look the number up for you. Also used if you ask CIA to perform contact updates or backup/restore.
Modify your contacts: Needed to save contacts in the contact list e.g. when using contact updates or backup/restore.
Approximate location (network-based): Used to ensure relevant advertising. It is never used to track your position directly, and we do not store any tracking data.
Send/Receive/Read text messages: Required to identify the sender, and for verifying your phone number.
Reroute outgoing calls: Needed to perform real-time searches on outgoing calls.
Write call log: Allows you to clear the call log from inside CIA.
Directly call phone numbers: Needed to make calls directly from the CIA app.
Read call log: Needed to detect the length of the call, for accurate display of the correct after call pop-up.
Read phone status and identity: Needed to detect events, such as incoming calls, answering calls and ending calls.
Use accounts on the device: Allows CIA to automatically login for you at app start, if you have setup a profile.
Run at startup: Allows CIA to restart after a phone reboot.
Draw over other apps: This allows CIA to draw the Caller ID dialog during a call.
Full network access: Needed to communicate with CIA servers and perform searches.
View network connections: Needed to discover if your phone has an active connection.
Prevent phone from sleeping: Needed to show Caller Id on incoming call.