Want More Control
Of Your Phone Calls?

The award winning caller ID app Kim Ariyor shows the name, address and other details right on your screen, while the phone is still ringing.





The Explore function offers you multiple shortcuts to handle your contacts – call, text message, email, look up their address on a map, set a reminder to call a contact later, save numbers to your contact list or block numbers that you never want to hear from again.



Call Blocker

Stop unwanted calls by using Kim Ariyor’s Call Blocker. You can choose to block numbers by letting Kim Ariyor hang up the call before it goes through to your phone, or you can choose to mute the call and send the caller directly to voicemail. With options to block all hidden numbers, all international numbers or just specific country prefixes, you are in control of who is allowed to call you. Kim Ariyor will even warn you about more than 1 million spam numbers worldwide.


Backup Contacts

Never lose a contact’s phone number again. One touch and your phone’s contact list is backed up! One touch and it is safely restored. This gives you peace of mind and makes it SO easy to move your contacts when getting a new phone. Backup and Restore Contacts works across multiple platforms. This means all you need to backup, restore or move your contacts from one phone to another is the Kim Ariyor.